Winx Dvd Ripper Review

Any multimedia and file sharing freak needs to have a good DVD ripper. With this program at hand, they can grab any DVD at hand (especially ones that their friends have loaned them) in order to have a copy of the movie in their hard drives in AVI, MKV or any other video format. There are plenty of such programs out there, but of course one shouldn’t just get any video ripper; they need a very good one with the right features.

Will WinX DVD ripper be the one they need? This Winx DVD Ripper review will show you what you can get from the program and thus help you make up your mind about whether or not you will download or purchase (in the case of the Platinum version) the WinX DVD Ripper.

Features of the WinX DVD Ripper

For any WinX DVD Ripper review to be informative, the focus should be on the features of the program. That is what you can find in this WinX DVD Ripper review; we shall present the many different features of the software so you’ll know what’s in store for you.

User Friendly Interface and Functions

WinX DVD has one of the most user-friendly GUI in the market. That makes sense, because a user needs to RIP movies and not spend a huge amount of time trying to learn how to use the program to get the movie downloaded to the hard disk. With WinX DVD’s interface, you can start ripping those movies within minutes of installing the program.

Diverse Output File Formats

You’d be delighted to find out that the WinX DVD ripper is able to support a large number of output file formats. This means that whatever your preferences might be, you can rip a file into your preferred file format with WinX DVD ripper. Specifically, WinX DVD ripper is able to create files in the FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV, or MPEG formats, among others. It is also able to convert the movie’s audio into the MPEG-3 audio format if you want to separate the audio for a movie editing project, for example.

Reads All DVD Formats

Last but not the least, the WinX DVD Ripper is able to read and rip movies from the many different DVD formats. So whether you’re trying to copy files from a DVD 5, DVD 9, DVD ROM, DVD-/+R, or a DVD-/+RW, the WinX DVD Ripper will work out just fine for your needs.