WinX Dvd Ripper

Do you want to transfer your DVD’s unto local movie files that you can view without popping the disc into your drive? Such a move can be practical: by keeping the DVDs in their cases, you lessen the risk of them being damaged and scratched which can affect playback. WinX DVD ripper can provide you with some help: with this software you can now grab and convert your DVD files into any file format you want to use.

What Formats Can It Support?

The WinX DVD ripper has built-in support for many of the popular video file formats. Specifically, it can rip any DVD movie into the AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, MP4, or the WMV formats. This means that the WinX DVD ripper can be used to convert movies for playback into any media player: computer, portable DVDs, iPod and other similar devices.

Another feature users would love about the WinX DVD ripper is that it can convert a selected section of audio into MPEG Format 3. If you are planning to sample a conversation between one or two characters and use it for an existing project, you can simply use the WinX DVD ripper to grab and turn into an MP3 file.

Can I have Control Over My Converted File’s Quality?

Individual users have different needs for their video files. For example, if you are going to play the file in an iPod, it needs to be compressed to the optimal quality for such a device. The file size should also be friendly to the storage device’s capabilities. On the other hand, if you want to play the file in a personal computer and desire to have a high quality output, your DVD ripper should be able to do that as well.

Fortunately, WinX DVD ripper gives the user 100% control over the outcome of his conversion: if he needs the movie file to be small in size, all he needs to do is just tweak the quality controls until the expected output file size is approximate to what he needs.

Can I Open Digitally Protected Files?

One of the difficulties in converting a DVD into AVIs, MPEGs or WMVs is the restrictions placed by the Digital Rights Management. The Content Scramble System can make life hard for DVD rippers, but WinX DVD ripper can bypass these restrictions easily so you can copy and convert any movie that you have in your collection.

Similarly, the WinX DVD ripper can read and copy files regardless of the region coded into the source DVD since it has support for regions 1-6.