WinX Dvd

Let us say that you have a DVD that you would want to watch anytime you feel like doing. One option is to purchase a portable DVD player or perhaps a notebook that you can use to play the DVD. However, that option is certainly cumbersome especially with the notebook. The portable DVD player is smaller, but still it would be a burden to carry it around every time. This means that you need to make the file fit in a very small player like, say, an iPod.

To do that, you would need to convert the movie into a file that will be read and played by the portable media player. This means ripping the DVD into a file format compatible with your device. That is what WinX DVD ripper can do for you.

Features of the WinX DVD Ripper

The WinX DVD ripper has an array of features designed to help make your DVD ripping as easy and as intuitive as possible. For a price of at least $30, you get to have access to the following features of the WinX DVD DVD-ripping software:

  • Support for Multiple Regions and Sources

There are six regions for DVDs found today, but none of them will be a problem for the WinX DVD ripper. The software can read regions 1 until 6, and can convert them for you.

In addition, WinX can read from multiple DVD sources. It can read DVDs that are protected by Content Scrambled System, so with the WinX DVD ripper you can copy and rip movies even when they have been safeguarded by the Digital Rights Managements’ watchdog. This will be fine as long as you limit your usage to the thresholds of personal usage and not start to earn money from it.

  • Copy Movies unto Different File Formats

Different portable players read and support many different file formats, so it is highly necessary that the ripper one buys is able to output files into one or more of these formats. WinX DVD, though, can rip movies into the AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, MP4, and WMV formats. WinX DVD can even grab audio from a movie and turn it into an MP3 file.

  • Fully Adjustable Parameters

WinXDVD gives you the capability to adjust the parameters for your video. These would include omitting subtitles if you don’t need them. Such a feature will also allow you to control the file size of your outputted video so it can fit nicely into the memory of your portable media player. Similarly, if you are aiming to watch the movie locally in your PC, WinX DVD will also allow you to optimize the quality of the final product.