The DVD format is very popular nowadays, even with the birth of its successor Blu-Ray. However, not all people prefer to watch DVDs as themselves: some would want to convert or rip their movies into local files in AVI or any other video format. In some cases, they would want to convert one file into many different formats when the need arises.

Digiarty Software, the developer of the award-winning Winxdvd ripper software, has seen that need and has answered with a suite of software that addresses DVD ripping needs and many other requirements. Digiarty offers these software mostly for sale, but they do have some Winxdvd software that are free to download and to use.

Winxdvd Ripper

The most popular among the Winxdvd software, the Winxdvd ripper is designed to convert your existing DVDs into portable video files that you can play using devices such as an iPod, a Blackberry and other similar gadgets. You can also use these ripped movie files to share your movies with your friends via USB flash drives. The Winxdvd ripper supports several popular formats like the AVI, DivX, MP4, FLV, ASF and even rips DVD audio into MP3 files.

The platinum version of the Winxdvd ripper can even break into and copy protected DVDs, but you have to purchase Winxdvd ripper and upgrade from the free version. In any case, both versions of the Winxdvd ripper can open and copy movies from any region-coded DVD.

The Winxdvd ripper, both the platinum and the free version, supports both the PAL and NTSC video output standards. Furthermore, the software can also convert between these two standards during the pre-ripping process. You can set the Winxdvd ripper to convert NTSC to PAL, or vice versa, in order to arrive at the desired output file.


The WinX DVD ripping software is able to rip movies individually or in a batch. Aside from that, the program allows the user to tweak with the output’s quality to suit whatever needs he has for the file. For example, he can set the software to create a ripped movie file that is of high, low or medium quality.

Supported Operating Systems

The Winxdvd ripper can work even on systems that are running in Windows 98, up until the latest version: Windows 7. There is also a version that has been developed specifically to run in the Apple-specific Mac operating software. However, there is no free version for the Winxdvd ripper for Macintosh.